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7 | 3.5.2014 | 4 months ago |

This Call of Duty trailer also happens to pretty nicely match our post-cyberpunk world of Neotech.

2 | 20.4.2014 | 5 months ago |

On of the first martyrs of the true neo-american offliner movement. May he rest in peace. Washington may have gotten to him first, but we stand forever. #messagefrom2030civilwar

132 | 21.3.2014 | 6 months ago |


Human Revolution- deus EX- Short Film Trailer

Prévu pour le 25 Mars, un fan film ambitieux.

(via hard-wired-info)

1 | 3.11.2013 | 10 months ago |

Great effort short movie about prisoners being sent to the moon (but really, why go to the moon when you have so much land to build prisons on here on Earth?)

307 | 1.11.2013 | 10 months ago |

Great stuff, support this album and art inspired by Blade Runner. See (or rather “hear”) the video to understand!


I have teamed up with Analog Sweden for a project called Moments Lost.

It will be a mix of music, written stories and illustrations inspired by the world of Blade Runner and beyond. Moments Lost is a crowd funded project just launched on There will be signed limited prints, t-shirts and vinyls with my artwork for the project as perks. 

Your contribution would mean a lot to us, I really do think this can be something special if we get the funds to realize it. Please share this and visit our Indiegogo page to find out more. Hope you find it interesting and worth supporting, if so the sooner the better so we get a great start on the campaign. To visit our campaign page please CLICK HERE

You can also join the Moments Lost art contest connected to the project. To find out more about that CLICK HERE Thanks! 

11 | 19.10.2013 | 11 months ago |



2065. The entire planet is hit by the effects of climate change. One of the few places that remain habitable is Antarctica, where big corporations have built private cities. 

Hebe and Ciro get back together again. She is looking for love. He is searching for his own identity.

More info about the film and concept art at

183 | 5.10.2013 | 11 months ago |


Introducing WildCat (by BostonDynamics)

Quite terrifying with that whining noise, to be honest!

4 | 26.8.2013 | 1 year ago |

Short film about the controller, and the video game her boyfriend has to endure. Or  something like that? Nice visuals nonetheless.

2 | 26.8.2013 | 1 year ago |

Weird and not very engaging but stunningly well made short. (via Magnus Edlund)

1 | 6.8.2013 | 1 year ago |

140 | 3.8.2013 | 1 year ago |

Great but NSFW short animated cyberpunk movie, with a very Animatrix/GitS feel to it.



Set in an adrenalized future of espionage, assassins, and out of control super science, PostHuman follows a genius hacker and his dog as they help an enigmatic young woman to free the remaining test subject of a black ops ESP test lab.


(Source: cyberpunk-culture)

2 | 17.7.2013 | 1 year ago |

2 | 16.7.2013 | 1 year ago |

What happens when society starts breaking down? Neat and creepy trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division (by ubisoft)

110 | 15.7.2013 | 1 year ago |

Great visuals and style in this ArtFX graduation film submitted to me, really nice touch of Blade Runner mixed with some updated user interfaces and visuals. I wan’t to see more!

0 | 15.7.2013 | 1 year ago |

Thousandth Street

This really looks fantastic, kudos! Thanks for the submission, I’m gonna post this twice to get a nice video post as well!

Hello here is our short film graduation, which takes place in a cyberpunk universe, I think it can interest you!